CAT #10 - Stormy Kitty

CAT #10 Stormy Kitty by Joanie Springer

CAT #10
Stormy Kitty
acrylic and charcoal
12 x 12 in.
100% recycled heavy paper

Initially this little kitty had a pretty blue background, but I was working on her when the storm hit with ferocity (now a few days ago), so I decided to integrate that into the painting. And added strong rain drops too. That's what I absolutely crazily love about art, creative license! 

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


Gayle said…
Oh how delightful are these January cats!!! They're almost like living mood stones, each with a story to tell - and seeing them all retrospectively in a row make for a very interesting narrative unfolding every day! Here's to cats and their many tales, LOL.
Anonymous said…
Not just a cat image. Tells a story. Nice!
Ooooh, love that line
"Living mood stones"
How poetic.

Who knows what these will become when series done....thinking of making wood cradles for each in order to hang. Perhaps a calendar at years end.....for now just enjoying the process. Glad you are too.