Watch Me Sketch with a Bamboo Pen & Ink

Omgosh, I NEVER sent this VIDEO BLOG POST.  
So here's for the rest of you who didn't catch this first time around.

My favorite bamboo pen with acrylic ink.
Followed by watercolor.
Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

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Blessings, Joanie


Anonymous said…
Just watched your sketching video. You are fantastic!, you are my hero..
joan d
Loved it! Delicate rosy colors are right on!

Could you post the musical artists please, I really enjoyed them.
sandy said…
Joanie, I still appreciate all your blog e-mails. I love your artwork and creativity, from DIY, to ptg. I don't have the time I once had when you were sending out a regular blogs and so I work hard on staying focus and try to have a project going. Art is like fresh air~ we need that. Thanks for sharing. Love your chose of colors!
Anonymous said…
Ooo I must have a go! Thanks for the inspiration x
Kathy Blackwell said…
As always, you amaze me. I LOVE every opportunity I have to see your work, watch you work, or access one of your teaching videos.
JoanieART said…
Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I don't recall the music as it was a free one via YouTube video editor. Enjoy the joy!