What have YOU been up to this summer.....Here are my projects with lots of pics.

It's been a long time since I have blogged here, and apologies for that, hope that hiatus is over and gone.

This summer I continued to teach and paint, but my newest funnest thing was to buy some power tools and see what I could do with them. I previously had a power drill and sander, but omg, here's what I added to my collection.

Ryobi battery operated tools

orbital sander
circular saw
brad nailer (love!)
reciprocating saw
i think there is more......

And here are a few of my projects. I previously shared on Facebook and maybe on Instagram, but never here on my main blog. So I wanted you all to be able to see it.

What have YOU done this summer, comment below. I would love to hear. xo

First, a couple of treasures found thrifting. This sweet little striped number just needed a thorough cleaning and the legs painted. The wood was all knocked up.

This next one was a good solid chair ($15) found thrifting, but it never cleaned up. So I tried chalk painting it. Loads of tutorials online, and I am pleased as punch with the results. From dull stained yellow brocade, to this Classy little number.

My neighbor cleaned out one of his many sheds and gave me 4 wooden dining chairs. Here's what I did with them. They are now sitting in my backyard with xl pots of succulents in them. Woohoo. Fun.

My Fifiona had an incident where she ruptured a disk in her back and was partially paralyzed for a scary couple of weeks. She's a bit gimpy still, but I made these ramps for her and she is back in business sleeping on my bed. Thank God for power tools! 

With a third cat we had to add more litter boxes, and as I LOATHE litter boxes, seeing them, that is, I created a new dual litter box enclosure. Starting with a $10 box of sorts from the thrift store. My neighbor gave me an armful of 1x1s that I cut and lined up to make the top kind of funky and cool. Then I tried my first ever antiquing crackle paint job. It's messy but it works!

And last but not least my Potting Shed. And some random pics of my pallet wood haul. I hurt my knee (BAD!) while kneeling on it to cut wood. So this potting shed is not yet brought to perfection....but as I am healing well, thanks to a new chiropractor, I will be getting this thing done soon. Will post pics.

My OTHER studio! 

Two doors, one split in two, make a rose trellis.

Oh yeah, I refurbished a thrifted dresser for a friend. She's a real beauty now!

Btw, if you follow me on Facebook, that's where I post the most. And on Instagram, well at least I try to remember to post there. So if you want to stay in closer touch, there you go.

Big hugs and thanks as always for following my art journey.

More paintings to come......and new shop. Aargh, way behind on that. Life!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie


RobynFrance said…
You have had a super productive summer and I love all your projects. Now, you can sit down and take the accolades--and then start your next project.
JoanieART said…
Hi Robyn,
Been busy, yep... More projects to come, you bet. Thanks for the accolade, sweet. Smiling!
Jane Balshaw said…
Great to see all of these in one spot!!! So inspirational! Love them and love you...ox
Del said…
Creativity is your Thing, Joanie, and they're all wonderful! - Del