PAINTING CLASSES begin this week

SUMMER IS OVER....well, maybe not officially, but the kids and grandkids are back in school and you may be looking for a creative outlet for yourself!

This is a quick note to share my two new graphics for classes, and sure do hope you come join us. There are very few seats available in my classes, but I like to bring in the new and the former students who have taken a summer break.

Contact me if you are interested, and I will reserve your spot as well as send you the supplies list. Joining a class is a guarantee that you will be painting again, and meeting other artists who will undoubtedly inspire you as much as you inspire them. We live and breathe INSPIRATION together in these classes.

Another email is going out as well with some pics of what I have been up to this summer!

Learn innovative tips and techniques for managing fast-drying acrylics, forgiving velvety gouache, and luminous watercolor and explore their amazing versatility. Portraits, still lifes, landscapes, or mixed media abstract explorations, watermedia has something to offer every artist. Learn how to paint with abandon and joy! A handful of   brushes, a few well-chosen pigments, and you will be on your way to producing exciting art. This class is open to all levels of experience.   Join us - Camaraderie and Personal Instruction – an inspiring combination!  

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie