A few Belated Birthday Pics

I invited a few besties over for tea and homemade cake. And I asked each person to bring a flower or green from their garden for a Friend Bouquet.

Perfect gathering, lovely day, memorable birthday. Virgo Am I.

Due to forking arthritis, and after much research, I put myself on a whole foods plant based diet for its anti-inflammatory benefits. I honestly do enjoy eating this way (I'm about 95% on it) though it takes a bit of work to prep so many veggies ahead of time. Learning to roast trays of veggies a few days ahead. And giving up coffee and wine was not my idea of "living well." But this beauty of a cake was made from the following recipe, from the kitchen of the brilliant Gaz Oakley. I drool over his youtubes. Once you see his finished dessert you won't think mine so pretty!  LOL.

And, 6 weeks in (second go round on this anti inflammatory lifestyle) I AM feeling better, significantly so. So I am keeping at it.....

Gaz's youtube channel

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

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Blessings, Joanie


Chris Carter said…
Looks like a fabulous party! Happy Belated Birthday! You are an inspiration in every possible way.
Kar said…
Hey!!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was “ purrrrfect “!!
Many blessings in your year!!!
Gayle said…
Happy Birthday - what a beautiful display of decor - color and yummy cake! here's to a great creative year ahead!
Dorleen McBride said…
Gorgeous table setting and love those Kliban cats! Happy Birthday..belated...you ARE an 'Inspirer".
Best of success in the eating changes...good job and you are worth it!