Getting Your Creative On in 2018 - Painting Classes in Santa Rosa

Happy New Year everyone!  I Christmas'd in Rohnert Park, then New Year'd it up in Tacoma, WA with my daughter, Rhiannon. Sooooo wonderful. Hope you had a wonderful time off, and are ready to get revved up again with your creativity. I am feeling renewed. Grateful for sketching on the go every day.

Leroy, mascot of Tacoma Art Museum. Made of cardboard!!!!! Brilliant.

My current weekly classes offerings are:

Monday 10am - noon - Sketchbook Reverie

This class is about working with sketchbooking, watercolor and gouache. Revving up our drawing skills, and using our sketchbooks as our ground for exploration and discovery of our individual creativity. Keeping a sketchbook is the best way to grow as an artist, and especially discover your favorite subjects, colors and more.  Watercolor, Gouache (watercolor plus white) and Sketching are EASIER to fit into daily art-making. Smaller, easier to clean, and easy to take anywhere.

1. You don't regularly sketch or draw, and want to develop a daily or regular practice.
2. You like the idea of a small tray of supplies, easier on space as well as budget, and does not require a separate studio space. Sketch anywhere.
3. Discover your favorite drawing tools, and learn how to use watercolor transparently and/or opaquely, your preference. Learn the brushes you need, the pens you love, the few mixed media supplies that make you smile, and how to pack up a small kit for travel and inspiration on the go.
3. You will develop inspiration to draw daily, hourly, minutely (!), and you will never wonder again, "Hmmm, what should I draw?"
4. You love the idea of meeting other artists and receiving and sharing inspiration! This is why classes are soooooo good.

JANUARY - Never wonder again what to draw....seriously. Get ready for ideas galore including advanced doodling and filling gorgeous colorful journal pages. So simple to learn, your intuition will be on fire! Stopping sketching will be the "hard" thing to do.

FEBRUARY - We will be making your very own custom sketchbooks (and still drawing and painting each week) - the ones that suit your particular way of drawing and expressing your creative selves. Sketching inspiration is amplified with your own handmade journal.

I often stop the tv and paint a face. This guy shows up on msnbc from time to time. So cute.

This was the bottle of wine my daughter and I drank to ring in 2018. Why not paint it, right?

Monday 1 - 3pm - Loose and Expressive Acrylics

This is A - Z acrylics - and some mixed media thrown in for good measure for those who wish to experiment with it. Each month we focus on something to explore, could be color theory, (January!) or could be a subject - such as abstract landscapes, or even chairs, Florals, Composition, etc. Painting on black background. IT's endless, really.

Wed 10am - noon - Loose and Expressive Acrylics.

1. You are serious about making art, learning composition, design, color theory, and having fun while doing it.
2. You love the idea of finishing a painting, ready to hang, gift, exhibit, or sell.
3. You don't mind the mess because you are committed to painting. Acrylics take a bit more space, and clean up, but oh the results!
4. You want to learn, develop, be challenged, and have on-going instruction and encouragement.
5. You love the idea of meeting other artists and receiving and sharing inspiration! This is why classes are soooooo good.

JANUARY - Time to revisit Color Theory again, but this time with a focus on discovering your own personal palette. Along with this we will be painting in limited palettes to discover how harmonious our paintings can get. So bring your favorite subjects to paint, and think SERIES. I plan on using SERIES as an overarching idea for the you can each build up your body of work.

NOTE 1: There are a few of you who have emailed me a few times interested in classes, and I respond then don't hear back. Then I hear from you again, respond.....I suspect my replies are getting lost in your spam folders, so please check there. I always return emails, promise! A daughter/mother team was very interested in classes. Please get hold of me again. And include your phone number and I will then call you back.
My phone number is 707.548.5756. 

NOTE 2: I have very few openings, so please let me know asap if you are interested in joining us. Classes begin this week. Let's get fired up again with making ART!

My classes are currently $100 for 4 weeks/mo. We have a Facebook group (private) for sharing art and my communications regarding upcoming classes. Making up a class is possible by contacting other artists in class and swapping.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie