Happy, Merry, Peace, Love and Joy

It's Christmas Eve, the house is quiet, and really clean. Love that. Tomorrow all the company and the Feast!

My cooking is done, for today, that is
(tomorrow is mile high apple pie and mushroom wellington, yum)
here's what I made:
christmas colored hummus
and my super special seed crackers
this time made with beet juice for that holiday chroma.

Oops, forgot to show you the finished little crisps. Sorry about that!

After the cooking and cleaning were done....

I got out my little watercolor tray with water, spray, favorite pens, and paint, of course. And proceeded to make you all a little Christmas blessing. Here it is, hope you enjoy it.

inside the coconut cream can is my water, which must have a cover or my kitties think its their special water!

the inspiration, my 3 kitties each have a stocking hanging in their honor

i used my lovely new TWSBI Eco fountain pen, with Pelican Carbon Black Fountain pen ink, and 1.1 (broad) nib. Paper just a mixed media sketchbook. 

my daughter's amazing lemon drop jam cookie in corner, and yes, i was eating it as a sketched. ; )

Well, dear friends, another year has come and gone, and I pray that you each have lovely memories of 2017, regardless of the more shadowy times that often come and go. I wish you all the blessings written in the card above for 2018. And hope to see you in painting classes. Or around town, or online. However we connect.

I will be posting soon about my very few openings at my Riley Street classes starting back up on January 8 and 10, so stay tuned. Consider making 2018 a year that you expore, discover and expand your creative horizons. xoxoxo

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessed Solstice,

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie


Chris Carter said…
All the best in 2018. Happy Holidays, Joanie. You are an inspiration and a Joy! Love, Chris