Guess Who Brings Me Roses....

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I grow roses, total newbie, but after I discovered that I couldn't kill all the succulents I was growing, the old rose lover in me thought I would give them a try.

It has been an amazing year for roses for me, like totally stunning.

Here's a pic of my rose that wandered over to its neighboring succulents to catch a nuzzle, during the ashy days of our inferno! 

Then every once in awhile I cut some blooms off and place in a vase on the dining table (top pic). Well, my two girl kitties, Blossom and FiFiona, love to nuzzle them. FiFi especially. She smells them, sticks her heads inside the blooms and absolutely delights in the petals falling off. It's her little rose game.

The other night while enjoying some couch and tv time, I looked down on the carpet and there was a trail of rose petals.

She had brought them to me as a love offering I am quite sure. So much better than a dead mouse or injured bird, right?  My FiFi brings me roses. Ahhhhh.

Here's my little munchkin. On the couch just over my place on the couch; how soothing her little sleeping sounds.

I love indoor-safe, spoiled, pampered, fluffy, flea-free kitty loves. Mmm mmm good. Got three!

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