From the Workshop: DIY Bath Tray

Sorry I haven't gotten around to posting about my shed >>> workshop makeover. I will post it eventually.  I will tell you though, it is BRILLIANT!!!!! Beside my studio it is my other inspiration place.

Meanwhile, here's a quick inspiration from yesterday afternoon.

Summer is definitely over
though our days are still warm
the evenings foretell shorter days
and cooler, even cold nights.

I am reading more
eating oatmeal almost every morning
craving comfort food

and that means scalding baths
(I have a ridiculously huge bathtub, lucky me, but bath trays are handy for any size tub)
with a book
and a cup of tea
or the occasional glass of wine.

to enjoy that more I created a bath tray.

Gotta go thrifting for a little soap dish now. And maybe a small votive candle.

Cost zero.
Scrap wood and quite rough. I sanded it, that's all. I like things kind of "in the raw."
Handles I had from an old Ikea dresser. I bolted them thru both pieces of wood into the handle pull.
The rest was cut

scrap wood


Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie


JoanieART said…
You are one amazing lady! Inspiration all over the place!
JoanieART said…
That is very cool! Good job! What a nice idea!