Fires & Sorrows

My little town, Santa Rosa, has been ravaged by fire. There had been a red flag warning - it is very dry and hot these last days of summer, and the winds were predicted to be especially high.

That combination, and an unknown origin as of yet, was lethal. As my friend (and author) Stephen Seager (his wife Mette my dearest friend and a fellow artist) stated succinctly on Facebook last evening:

Fire update: the fires in Santa Rosa yesterday are the worst fire disaster in California history. It was a very rare "urban wildfire." Akin to the power of nuclear explosion. In Santa Rosa 20,000 people forcibly evacuated. 100,000 without power and since the fires are still 0 % contained, PGE can't get in to begin an evaluation let alone returning any power. Two large hospitals evacuated, large hotels burned, KMART, dozens of restaurants, entire neighborhoods gone. 1,600 homes leveled. Just for reference, Santa Rosa is the largest city between San Francisco and Portland.

One area hard hit
Coffey Park, NW Santa Rosa

Classes are cancelled this week as each of us tends to our losses - those of family, neighbor and personal losses and untold grief. So many of us waiting to hear from loved ones whether their homes are lost or remain standing. Friends report houses lost, tortuously hurried evacuations ("dogs, wallets and keys") and melted cars in the driveway. It's just all so unthinkable.

And we are still actively in this inferno.....each of the way too many fires are zero % contained at this time of writing. So many more loved ones with homes in jeopardy.  The losses to our town are immense, and it will strike us all even more viscerally when we again can drive around our area and see for ourselves the old familiar landmarks razed.

 So please send your prayers our way, high winds are picking up again beginning this evening and onwards....Please send your healing thoughts not only our way but to all places around the planet in need. There are so many!

Latest emergency update
Administrative Assistant Renee Eger, City of Rohnert Park AGENCY
We know that there are evacuations underway along Bennett Valley Road. We understand that there is a rumor of an active fire along Petaluma Hill Road; there is no such fire, nor any fire with any imminent threat to Rohnert Park. There are no mandatory evacuations in Rohnert Park.

To better times ahead....

NOTE: An excellent emergency update service I knew nothing of just two days ago is Nixle. All you do is text message 888777 and in the message field include your zipcode. Works throughout the U.S. as far as I know. I highly recommend you each sign up for it. The updates have been timely and extremely informative.

NOTE2: Aunt, cousin, friend, 3 cats too close to evacuation zones, so returning to my safe house for the evening. Time to fill up the airbeds. Take care everyone.

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Blessings, Joanie


Sarah Azari said…
Dear Joanie,I'm so sorry to hear about your nightmare situation,but glad to hear you are alright. I'm holding a good thought for you all.
Sheila said…
Praying for everyone in the area, and the fire crews. So unthinkable. Be safe.
Healing thoughts coming your way!!!
I am so sorry for this tragedy. My thoughts are with your whole city. May you and your loved ones be safe.
Dolores Holt said…
Praying that the everyone will get a break soon especially the firefighters; please stay safe.