Graton Gallery Show thru Aug 20th

If you have never been out to Graton Gallery, omgosh, treat yourself to this little gem of a gallery. One of my alltime faves in Sonoma County.

(And yes, this is a bit of a plug, as I am a featured artist out there thru 3rd week in August.)

While you are out there, you must stop at Willowwood Market Cafe, or there's an interesting new restaurant on the corner, too. For those unfamiliar with Graton the "downtown" is all of one block, but what a marvelous block it is. Antique store, restaurants, and more.

Here's a bit about Graton Gallery clipped from their website.

And here are some pics of my work displayed at Graton Gallery.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

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Blessings, Joanie


The painting on the banner head of your site is absolutely gorgeous! Is it one of your angels? If so, will she pray for me? ;-}
Dolores Holt said…
As always, I love seeing your work!
yes, indeedy, Patricia. It's a new series that is slowly coming along, Blessings Angels. Stand by for more as I move forward. xo