The Dining Table of My Dreams....another chalk paint makeover

i go in for surgery (this time the left thumb joint replacement) tomorrow at 6am, so I thought I would get a new post out to you before I am gimped up a bit.

  Too small but nice little Ikea table.

 The larger table I have been looking for...found at St. Vincent's.

Nice side detail too. Solid wood table. Heavy!!

First coat of white chalk paint. I love this stuff!

Design ideas....

 I used some washi tape to temporarily define the area I wanted the detail in.

Mirrored some detail on the side. Love the echoing two toned look.

I've got a few other furniture overhauls coming up.....

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie


  1. Gorgeous finish! Makes for a most inviting corner for tea or diner and chat!! Wishing you speedy recovery from your surgery ; meanwhile "two thumbs up" (pardon the pun) on your DIY decor!

    1. 2 thumbs up! Love it. 😊

      Recovering well....much better this time. Phew.

  2. Your ability to see the potential in what may have been a discard and to give it a new life is a gift. Lovely table makeover! Hope all goes well with surgery and your recovery. Get well, stay well, be well!
    Kathy Wills

    1. Hi Kathy, Healing well this time. Phew! See you in the painting realms.

  3. Love this Joanne! So uniquely you. Can't wait to see you next piece of furniture makeover. 😀

    1. Hi Laisha, I sure do love to transform these old pieces. Next time you come down come over and see them in the real!

  4. Joanie....pls forgive my auto correct on you name's spelling.


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