A Sad Little Chair with Inner Beauty...Makeover

Remember that gorgeous new art desk? Well, it needed a chair that matched it's beauty. I fell in love with this one, but it had arms which wouldn't fit under the desk, so I had to let it go.

I gave myself a $5 budget. The sad little chair I found was $5.99 and I decided, what the heck, close enough. And this one had potential.

This sweet little chair had seen better days....

The pillow was flat and very uncomfortable, not to mention stained.

Start by pulling the old padding and fabric off. I happened to have a nice piece of fabric to use for new cover. No cost there.

This little beauty took lots of sanding, and then some Minwax furniture wax.

I sure do love my new xl clamps....quite a bit of gluing repair was needed as well. In the background you see my painting table. The blue desk with this chair is my sketching art table. Yep, I need both!

Pretty fabric, eh?  Thanks Deb S.!

The gorgeous new desk now has a worthy companion. Smile.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

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Blessings, Joanie


Darling chair, and it reminds me of one Becky painted. I think the design may be Duncan Phyfe, and my grandmother also had a similar dining set.
Ooh, my chair has a name. I always think of these as harp chairs - a very generic term. Duncan Phyfe...Cool. See you soon!
Thanks so much, Sheila.