Planting Gorgeousness

If you have been following me awhile, you know I love succulents. And posted about my easy to maintain Succulent garden in my front and backyards.
Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

Over our wet winter my succulents thrived (except our surprising and sustained below freezing temps did kill a couple of the more fragile varieties, I'm hoping they will grow back.)

Well, I inherited 3 beautiful consistently blooming rose bushes from the former owner of my house. A white one, scarlet red one and the most amazing silvery violet one. The names as far as I can research, are

white rambling shrub - Climbing Iceberg
red shrub - Mr Lincoln?
violet shrub - Sterling Silver rose?

Anyhoo, last summer I was at a greenhouse in Sebastopol and saw a jaw-dropping beauty entitled a David Austin rose. I ran home and looked them up, ordered the catalog and have been drooling since.

The side of my shed is perfect for climbing roses, so after a head-scratching decision, decided on these two. Strawberry Hill and Wollerton Old Hall. Omg, will you look at the exquisite shapes of these beauties?

So the plan is this:
grow these two climbers, (as bare root 2 year old plants) onto a trellis of some sort (haven't thought that out yet, but indubitably, it will be a diy project), and then weave the two plants together for a plethora of gorgeousness all over that shed wall.

And how are my established roses doing this early March?

How interesting that its leaves, too, echo the scarlet of the blooms to be.

Isn't this shed wall just begging for something beautiful to grace it?
shed wall begging for climbing roses

Feels good to spend time out of doors after our very long and wet winter.

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie


Denny1600 said…
It looks like a beautiful plan!
Thx. Very excited. Much more to come this summer.
Only the last 4 are mine. But thanks.
Nancy Faris said…
gorgeous post!!! Can' t wait to see them in full bloom..
sally briggs said…
You have inspired me! I have a fence that needs a flowering vine the roses would be perfect! A new project! Also I love the climbing roses really don't need to be pruned like regular rose trees or bushes! :-)