CAT #30 - Tommy Celebrates

Ta da!

30 cats, yep, did 'em all. Struggled a bit as Life always gets in the way when one sets a lofty goal. But keepin' on keepin' on. (You can tell I'm an old hippie, right?)

So, to be perfectly truthful I couldn't have done it with you, yes YOU. The encouragement and sweet comments I got were really what spurred me on when the going got tough. So thank you a million.

Now for those of you who have asked if I plan on selling these paintings, well, yes. Now that I completed the series I, first, will be exhibiting them at Harvey Mendelson's gallery ( in Santa Rosa in March. Dates tbd.

And Harvey, a brilliant photographer AND printer will be making kittycat prints. And so there will be prints available, too, so if you have a favorite and the original gets sold you will still have a chance for a high quality print. I will post on sizes and prices of originals and prints as soon as I know.

Meanwhile, that's all I know at the moment, but I am soooo excited to have this series completed. And on to the preparations for exhibiting them.

Thanks again for following along. xoxoxoxoxo

And now, for #30 - meet Tommy. Yep, that's his name! He is whooping it up that the series is done. He's my little Valentine. And he can be yours, too.  ; )

CAT #20 Tommy Celebrates #30cats by Joanie Springer

CAT #30
Tommy Celebrates
acrylic and charcoal
12 x 12 in.
100% recycled heavy paper

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )
Blessings, Joanie


  1. Congratulations! You made it to the finish line - that's PURRRfect!

  2. I have loved every cat! Can you post several of the groups of them together. So I can check out my favorites and make decisions! XO

    1. I am hoping to put a poster together too...meanwhile click on SHOP and scroll down to 30 CATS and you can see them all.

  3. Just love Tommy and all your other unique kitty's! Congratts!!. A big Valentine gift to your happy heart having accomplished a sweet goal. And on to the show! 💖🌹 Nafia

    1. on to the show....30 frames coming up in my little workshop out back. Thanks, Nafia, for all your encouraging comments. xo

  4. Very fine making it to the finish with all those cheery kitties, congratulations!
    Please, have I missed it or have you thought about doing a cat video teaching thingy? Ya know, so we can see how you do them? How you figure out what comes next and choosing colors, whatever?
    Just asking with sugar on top....

    1. you haven't missed it, Susie.....gotta get this show all prepped...and then I would LOVE to make a Paint a Kitty tutorial. Stand by...hold me to it! ; )

  5. Brava Brava. Thanks be for inspiration and demonstration of art in and within the flow and fun and folly of Life. Cheers! Nita

    1. Thx so much, Nita. Feels good. SHOW PREP NOW full speed ahead.


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