CAT #5 You're Mine

cat #5 by joanie springer 30 paintings in 30 days

CAT #5
You're Mine
acrylic and charcoal
12" x 12"
100% recycled clean board

I am not a great lover of purple so I wanted to try a combination of colors that included this. And you know what? I like it!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


Laurie Mueller said…
I LOVE these faces and personalities, Joanie!
Spit Splice said…
Greetings Joanie AND gratitudes for your being my proof and evidence to know there shall be creative life AND art after hand surgery.

Cat#5, in soulfull purple, is as me as I get into the que and prepare for my hand surgery. You are my inspiration to not give up, rather give in, and get what needs to be done.

Thanks be for encouraging me. Cheers, Nita
Sheila said…
Love Mr. Sassy pants :)
Melissa said…
Another Fabulous CAT!! I'm loving these! Really good job, Joanie! Are these acrylic and maybe charcoal? Thanks for sharing all these wonderful cats!
Thanks so much, Laurie...many more to come I hope!
There's always painting with one's non dominant hand....i had sooo much fun doing that and surprised myself more often than not. Good luck and all blessings for your surgery. May your recovery be smooth and quick!
I think you just titled this little guy! Thanks for that, Sheila. ; )
Thanks, Melissa. Yes, so far these have all been acrylic and charcoal, meaning i won't be varnishing them. But i love to draw into paint, and charcoal, though messy, i find yummy with all it's smeariness. LOL.