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I thought I would share a bit more about this cool chair I posted about yesterday.

thrifting treasure enkeboll dining chair circa 1970

I just KNEW I had found something special. As soon as I saw it at Good Will my hand never let go. Others walked by and oohed and aahed, I told them it was mine, with a smile, of course. Oooh envy was dripping in the aisles, I tell you.

So after I took it home, I got out some Murphy's Clean and Shine and gave it a good rubdown.  Then I started looking for a manufacturer's label, I had to know more about this piece. This beauty measures in at the majestic height of 53.5".

The seat had several mysterious holes, not sure why! And a number 5 that just won't rub out. So it's staying.

holes in seat of enkeboll dining chair

Very hard to read, but after googling different versions of this rather odd spelling, the word Enkeboll came up.  I could not find any other chairs at that time but there were some other interesting wood carved furniture pieces of that name. These folks are masterful wood artists, check them out. They don't make these dining sets anymore.

enkeboll insignia

I found an Enkeboll page on Facebook and sent them a pic, and got this prompt reply. I was sooo delighted to finally have a backstory for my awesome chair. Discovering the provenance of an old/er piece just adds to the fun.

enkeboll dining chair found thrifting

Taped it to the bottom of the chair for posterity!

the story and provenance of my enkeboll chair

I figure it is worth a $300-400. Not sure - totally guessing. I FEEL that value. But in this day and age you can say ANYTHING and it is FACT. (Not so LOL.)

And in case you forgot, I paid $19.95. ; )

So that's how I thrift!

PS - I am really laughing now. I decided to throw $5 to the JustAsk JustAnswer.com site regarding this chair. And this was the response. So I guess what i FELT was the value was quite off, overinflated, hilarious, right? Alternative Facts, anyone?



This is a tall Enkeboll armchair that would have been
the head chair of a dining set made by Enkeboll, a California company
that now does mostly high end carved kitchen and bar designs.
This chair has a current value of $150 to $200.
Some sites that I recommend for selling on your own are Offerup.com (local), Varagesale.com (local), Chairish.com, Ioffer.com, Furnishly.com, Deconet.com, Lushpad, Krrb.com, and letgo.com (local).
You can also go to invaluable.com or liveauctioneers.com and search their directory for an auction house near you and consign to them. They do all of the work and you get a check 14 to 45 days after the sale minus their 15% to 25% (negotiable!) commission.


I have one opening in Monday morning (FILLED) and one in Wednesday morning (Waiting for response). I have contacted the first people on each of the wait lists. However if I do not hear from them I will go down the list. IF you would like to be on a WAIT LIST, please let me know.  We start a month of Still Lifes next week (Feb).

CLASS TIMES at Riley Street Art Supply, Santa Rosa, CA
Mondays 10 - noon
Mondays 1 - 3
Wednesdays 10 - noon
  • $100/mo for 4 classes.
  • Inclusion in our private Facebook group with weekly lesson summaries and uploaded student art
  • Classes limited to 9 students
  • Students who need to miss a class can reach out on FB page and switch with one another. 
  • Miss a class? Login to FB and ask the other students to fill you in.
  • Learn how to take good photos with your phone as well as how to edit them in prep for paintings
  • Each month or so we study a new theme: color theory, still lifes, value paintings, collage, and on and on!
  • Paint what you love...you decide your subject matter (most of the time).
  • Acrylic, and some mixed media.
  • Supplies list available. As well as a Facebook tutorial.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )


You are the best! That is hilarious all the stuff you found out about the chair and I'd say that even though it was not valued at what you FELT, it is worth a lot more than you paid. I'd never heard of JustAsk so glad to know it's out there. They gave you so many good ideas of where to sell it, which of course got my mind thinking about shopping those sites, too. lol.

Happy treasure hunting! :)

actually the site I inquired about my chair is JustAnswer.com. Ooops.