A Different Kind of Treasure

My cat #24 is in the works (and #30 is done), but I am sitting with it a bit before posting. And I'm exhausted, and preparing for a quick trip to Washington this weekend. So they will post in next week or so. Promise!

I do have the rest of the 30 cats sketched and valued in, so worry not, they are coming, but I can't put the pressure on myself to do it at moment. Thought I would share with you a few thrifting treasures I've found of late, and oh my, I scored this morning! Right here in Rohnert Park, too.

As many of you know, I am an inveterate thrifter, as is my good pal, Nancy. Together we find Magic!  This old fairly beat up dresser was found at St. Vincents a few months ago. I had a blast painting it with chalk paint and hand painting all the flourishes. Then found the most spectacular pull knobs on Amazon. (The top is not sagging like that, photo and a bit of perspective tweaks makes it look that way.)

chalk painted old beat up dresser has new life with hand painted details
And around Thanksgiving time I was looking specifically for a couple small chairs for my newly christened Gallery Room,

and I was thinking maybe two smaller chairs side by side for sitting in room and viewing all the paintings. But when I walked into Good Will and saw THIS chair, well, the idea of two chairs was immediately banished. This chair is a standalone! That cute little pillow was at Good Will too and just begging to go home with my new chair. ($2.99)

old antique chair found at good will what a thriting treasure

Meanwhile, I did have a great day thrifting this morning....

I had envisioned a tall narrow chest of drawers, something that would fit nicely next to my awesome chair. When I thrift I always have an idea in my mind's eye of what I want....but I allow the flow of the adventure to take the lead. And here again, I found something BETTER than a tall chest of drawers. What I may have lost in drawer space, I gained in character and multi-purposefulness. During my next Open Studio this piece can be opened up and used as a display piece as well.

And my awesome chair now has a perfect companion. Cool, eh? And the price? Ready for this? $249 list, 60% discount, out the door for $100. I think I found myself another treasure. Swoon. And, it all fit in my Honda Fit!

antique secretary found at St. Vincent's thrift store

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

And leave a COMMENT while you are at it. ; )


Lesley Riley said…
OMG! I want to thrift with you. I've never seen a chair like that. Love it, love it all.
LOL. Yep it's a passionate pasttime, it is. I will post a bit more about this chair, stay tuned.
Beautiful, especially the chest! Great job, Joanie.
Judy N
Gayle said…
Oh how inviting Joanie! Makes me want to fly over there and have tea with you! And who are the gals behind the glass door???? Friendly ghosts of the past? LOL!
The ghosts are me on left and my thrifting pal Nancy on right. Thrifting ia like a club...i put alerts out to my friends when i am looking for something specific and more times than not they find it and tell me where and how much.
sally briggs said…
I love love all your created the sessions! I too am a thrift shopper and my friends are always jealous! I can totally relate! :-)
Anonymous said…
All the pieces are great, but I especially love the way you painted the dresser!
Kathy Nichols
Thanks, Kathy. I fell in love with upcycling furniture when my kids were tiny. If I had a big garage I swear there would be no end in sight!
Spit Splice said…
Greetings Joanie in this blue sunny sky in our North Bay!
I can make myself giggle when I envision you, at the check out register, with your arms up overhead in the Touchdown position as you exclaim, "Thrift Store SCORE!"
Thanks be for inspiring me. Nita
Hilarious is right, Nita. I think you hit is spot on. ; )