Open Studio - only days away!

Well, here I am again. Not lost. Just busy!

And what, pray tell, am I so busy doing?

Prepping for Open Studio this coming weekend. Sooo excited to have you all drop by and see my house and all the paintings everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

Since Rhiannon and Victor moved out in past few months I have transformed their old bedrooms into two new gallery rooms.  So fun!  Honestly the entire house is a gallery now.

And i pulled out loads of older smaller paintings and have put the most ridiculously low pricing on them to encourage you to collect original art, buy them as meaningful gifts, and delight your heart. Super Art Sale!

As well there will be new paintings, some freshly framed (ahhh, do love my little outdoor workshop) and just wait til you see Nancy and Giovanna's artwork. You will absolutely swoon!!!!

Pictures not fab...taken with phone then a new resizer app. Not great quality, sorry!  Come see the Real Thing next week!

my awesome students' paintings!

a hallway full of little faces

the new Gallery Room, still in progress. starring Nancy and Giovanna's talents!

Garden room....lots of florals here.

Giovanna's oil paintings....more to hang.

well of course there is an Animal Gallery!

But please click on this link for all the info you need about the Open Studio.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


Radha Bharathi said…
Its an amazing idea to convert your home into a gallery. Lovely paintings. Had a virtual tour
exaultant sun said…
Your gallery rooms look lovely! With everyone's unique styles and subjects, am sure there will be something for everyone's inspiration. Wish I could be there to celebrate your Open next one will live closer. Very best wishes for a successful show! Big hugs, Nafia