An Early Summary of 2016

Hello fellow artists, collectors and friends!

It has been quite a year, 2016, and I think I am glad it's coming to an end as well.

Just last weekend I had an Open studio and it was the most glorious highlight of my year. I can't thank you all enough for coming and those of you who far away who wished me well. My friends Nancy, Giovanna, and I enjoyed meeting all of each other's friends and sharing our artworks with everyone who attended. Some of you may be aware that I broke my wrist* a few days before the Open Studio which was unfortunate and I have had some problems with it since so I'm going in for surgery tomorrow morning to repair the broken bones with pins and plates to stabilize it once and for all. Then there are the weeks of casting to follow - and you have got to know that typing is far from easy these days. Even now i am dictating this post using VoiceNote II. Quite a clever and useful little app!

So at this point it looks like I will be signing off for the year now. I have a few more classes to teach with my wonderful students at Riley Street then I'm taking the rest of December off and just contemplating being still and not pushing myself like I am so inclined to do.  So in the meantime I wish you all wonderful holidays with loved ones.

In closing I'm sharing with you some of the left-handed sketches that I'm doing at my kitchen table with ink bamboo pens and drawing sticks (the messier and more expressive the line the more I love it) and some watercolor and gouache - just easy-going therapeutic meditative drawings because of course I must continue to make art, my soul needs to and I know that will help my healing.  Thank you for following along with my art journey this year. xoxoxo

Much love
and healing
and hope of peaceful days ahead
in a time of global uncertainty.


* - right wrist, 9 months after right thumb joint surgery. left thumb joint surgery now postponed several months. a year or more of hand challenges!! wtf?


My demo piece from Open Studio
day 1 ink
day two add gouache

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


patricia voelz said…
Dear Joanie:

I am so sorry you have broken your hand and need the surgery. I do want to let you know that I think your left handed art is very unique and special. I really like it. Keep giving it a chance and you may surprise yourself. I pray that you will heal quickly and get back to your creative self. I think I will try my hand at left handed art. I guess you know that a very large percentage of famous artist were left handed!!!!! Your Art Friend, Pat Voelz
Wishing you well and I love your left handed art work!!!
Anonymous said…
Joanie your work is utterly Ahh mazing....I so appreciate your fortitude, in fact the leftie drawings are exceptional! Kudos and continued healing to you. I am offering my services for toting/laoding your supplies or help with gallery dismantling. I can also pick up all the class work and take them up to Riley. Just holler.... 321-4245, Margaret H.
Rae Ellen Lee said…
Hi Joanie. I only know you from your online class (small series), which I loved. I painted a raven series after taking your class and sold them (to live on as a "family"). So thank you. I don't tend to leave comments, but I so appreciate your spirit always and especially now that you are and artist healing from an injury to your primary artist hand. Also, I love your left-handed sketches. The loose, calligraphic and expressive lines are just terrific. Blessings and rapid healing. Until 2017. Rae Ellen.
joanieART said…
Thank you, Patricia, for your kind and inspiring email. I am finally back on the healing path!
joanieART said…
Thank you dear Margaret. I am so excited to be back with you amazing art students this week. What a crazy last 2-3 weeks! I am on the healing path now thank goodness tho typing is miserable. lol.
joanieART said…
Such a sweet message, Rae Ellen. And so happy to hear you created a lovely series! Brava.

More posts to come in 2017....see you on the other side. ; )