Part Two - Merging Two Photo References into One Painting of Two Dogs

This post is a continuation of the first one: Merging Two Photo References into One Painting.

So, I'm finally getting around to editing all the works in progress pics I took while painting these adorable wonderful furrfilicious pups!

So here is where we left off, I had done some sketching as you can see from previous post. I found a cradled wood panel about 12" square, and ...

work in progress painting of two dogs by joanie springer

I made a simple value underpainting first with black and white gesso. Then wanted these two almost all white dogs to be colorful and fun, so i picked a simple triad of yellow, red and blue.

The colors were bright to start, as I knew I would have to add loads of white to lighten and brighten them. But I just had to have color in this "all white" painting.

The final came out like this:

Two Dogs Lucy and Ricky original painting by Joanie Springer

And we had a fab time at the retirement party for Mary and her two amazing, chill, and wonderful dogs, Lucy (standard poodle) and Ricki (Havanese).

mary hastings loved her original painting of her two dogs

Mary loved her painting, and was so surprised - everyone else brought food to share, lol. Mission Accomplished!

Blessings and Paint On!