A Furry Green Mystery...

Hi there

I have been working for weeks on my yard, and finally have it all tamed and pretty as a picture. All this was to


that word again.

How come it's so doggone difficult to SIMPLIFY one's life ?

Quite the mystery to me.

But here's the Mystery I want to share with you today...

My Fifiona loves to lie Belly Up, like this

my kitty FiFiona belly up silly girl

in fact, she inspired this painting entitled Belly Up.

my kitty FiFiona belly up silly girl

But just this morning, I leaned down to snuggle her sweet furry white belly and saw this

cat with paint on her belly

cat with paint on her belly looks guilty

I still haven't figured out which painting she got into....oh well. Life with Art and Cats. Couldn't live without either of them! (Well, maybe hairballs. LOL.)

Part two of the dog painting is coming up next. Then a spate of new paintings long overdue.

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My PRAYERS join yours for all the precious souls who lost their lives in Orlando this past weekend. And prayers for all their loved ones here on earth whose hearts are deeply broken. May the world transform. May Love prevail over Hate. Amen.

Blessings and Paint On!


Gayle said…
Perhaps imprint of the owner's green thumb???? LOL!!
Nancy Faris said…
Good to see back this morning. Love the pic of Fifi
joanieART said…
omgosh, Gayle, i bet you are right! makes so much sense, what a hoot.
joanieART said…
yeah, i've been slow to post lately, but it's all to get me back to the studio. have to calm all the wildness in my environment so i can SOOTHE and DELIGHT in painting. xo