Pampering Myself.....with new art supplies

Ok, call me a baby, but to put to rest some of the anxiety about this hand surgery coming up March 3, I splurged on some new art supplies. Do I need them? Heck to the NO!

But did I want something to look forward to, to play with, as my dominant (right) hand will be out of order doing nothin' for awhile.  Oh yeah...

So we'll see how shy or forthcoming I will be with some of my left-handed efforts.

Here's what I ordered.
caran d'ache gouache pan set
I have heard this set is of very good quality. I have so much watercolor, white gouache AND dozens of tubes of gouache, but there is nothing like a set of pans to inspire. No squeezing (my poor hands can't hardly squeeze these days) and a simple spray and ready to dip the brush. I will give a review after I receive them.

gensai tambi watercolor set - more like gouache
The Asian watercolors I have tried are much more similar to gouache than transparent watercolor. And this set has had me salivating for way too long. Once again, the ease of dipping a moist brush into ever-ready pans of gorgeous color.  Yes, I am really spoiling myself. Better get my watercolor paper and cutter out now and cut up a bunch of small sizes in a stack so I am ready to go with crazy left handed art. LOL.

By the way, my dear friend Patricia has an eclectic and mystical spiritual path she's trod from the East to West, and has put together a blog to share her experience.  (I helped her with book and blog design.) She's a bit of a "cosmic Catholic" like myself (though, omgosh, we both laugh at how different we are) - we each drew wisdom from the East and found our way back to a Christ-inspired spiritual path. Patricia's entire memoir is available to read on her site for free, and a pdf ebook is available, too. If you have interest, hop over here.

Blessings and Paint On!


sally said…
Joanie! Good luck and quick healing to you and your poor thumb! I have the same problem. No strength left in my right hand especially. I'm glad you treated yourself to some beautiful (and easier to use) paints. Gouache has been hard for me to get used to but so fun. Take good care of yourself! Much love, S
romani said…
have a good recovering,toy toy thinking of you
Catagonia7 said…
Joanie, I have some art supplies to gift to you. Could you send me your address to my email?
Hope your surgery goes well!