Kitty Litter Furniture DIY Makeover - the Reveal!

Part 3: The big reveal!  

(Part One: BEFORE, Part Two: DURING) 

My laundry room / entry way (we always use the back door, the front door is for "strangers" ha ha, I am in bliss over this totally DIY makeover on an extreme budget. 

The wardrobe was in fine condition, cost $80 at St Vincents, and really only needed the paint and stencil to spiff it up. The cupboard which I used for the kitty litter furniture was $25, plus $15 for the paint. (Behr's Premium primer and paint in one. I can't remember the color, but some gorgeous light blue-green.) After just one coat I decided I did not want to do a second coat, the paint quality was fantastic, so I just roughed it up a bit with hammer pounding, screwdriver chunks and chinks, and sandpaper here and there. 


DIY Kitty Litter Furniture Makeover

DIY Kitty Litter Furniture Makeover

DIY Kitty Litter Furniture Makeover

DIY Kitty Litter Furniture Makeover
I had to cut the opening taller as one of our cats is a very tall boy. So the opening now measures 16" high by almost 8" wide. Perfect size!  

DIY Kitty Litter Furniture Makeover
How totally cute is this?  I am in love! There's a window just above so we keep that cracked a wee bit, and you would NEVER guess we have four cats and an active litter box in our entry way. We do empty it morning and night, fyi.
DIY laundry room makeover on a budget
Had to make myself a fun little sign to entice me to enjoy doing laundry more often.

DIY laundry room makeover on a budget
The stencil came out really nicely.....and i scuffed it all up to look like it had been there for many years.

That's it, hope you enjoyed my DIY project. It's all Art, folks....painting, hammering, singing, writing, sipping coffee with good friends. Art is Living!

Blessings and Paint On!


JJ Jacobs said…
What a fabulous, fun and useful project!! Thank you for sharing the journey.
Anonymous said…
Very nice job on everything!!