Hiding that Kitty Litter - DIY creatively!

I am splitting this post up into three: Before, During and After since it is chockfull of pictures.

I have four cats, well, actually the two boys - Po Monster and Mr. Pants - are my daughter Rhiannon's, and I have two girls - Blossom and Fifi.  We used to have two litter boxes to accommodate their bathroom needs (oh how delicately I put that, right?) and their bathroom behaviors. Like adult men, lol, the male cats tend to aim high and miss.

Anyhoo, I decided that I wanted to give my backdoor entry/laundry room a makeover on a budget. No new fancy washer and dryer as the ones I have are workhorses. No new linoleum, and I didn't even care to paint. But i HAD to get rid of those ghastly litter boxes.  Two different styles even.

I had a number in my head, $40, to spend on the litter furniture. I scoured all my local thrift stores, found a bunch of things I liked but cost too much, then happened upon a little antique solid oak cupboard at a hospice thrift.  Had a shelf, two cupboard doors, the right height, so it came home with me. Cost $25, and the paint I bought at HomeDepot was another $15. Cool beans!

DIY kitty litter furniture makeover

DIY kitty litter furniture makeover

DIY kitty litter furniture makeover

DIY wardrobe laundry room makeover
I saw this beauty and thought this would be a very efficient piece of furniture to add to my laundry room makeover. It holds more shoes, boots and coats! 
Blessings and Paint On!