Not Blank This Time

Hi Folks,

Sorry about yesterday's BLANK post. I am still getting things figured out on my new site and the rss feed.

I tested extensively (again!) and I am pretty doggone sure that you will receive this post in your inbox today.  Since I can't really resend the last few posts that were supposed to send, please hop by my site and check them out.

Laura unfinished oil painting - joanie springer - 5 years ago
I've been clearing and organizing all my paintings, years worth.  Here's one from Feb 2011, just about 5 years ago.  I painted this in oils with every intention of finishing it, but.....I can't get rid of her, my LAURA. You can watch me paint it on Youtube...  Sometimes a painting is finished even when it is unfinished.  

Blessings and Paint On!


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    1. Finally got it to work! Thanks, Hal.

  2. You did it - congratulations on the new launch and new site - it looks amazing!!


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