DIY Tablet Stand

I love to take pictures with my phone and camera (Fuji X20) and then display them on my tablet for painting reference and inspiration.  My tablet is a big part of my art life. It is also easier to edit on my tablet rather than my phone, too. But I often have to prop my tablet up up here and there, whether at my art desk, or kitchen, or when i teach, and its not always stable, either. I clearly needed a better solution. (Also I am finally accustomed to, and prefer, reading books on my kindle app rather than paper books, so I need this stand for sleeping in bed, too.)

So I purchased a tablet stand on Amazon for $35. All the reviews raved, so I splurged. When I got it, and put my tablet on it, it kept falling forward. Ridiculous!

So, I started messing around with things I already had at home, one item with the most possibilities, was a simple round bean baggie style neck pillow. So after having coffee this morning with my uber clever friend Nancy, this is what we came up with.

We went to Ross, and bought a simple microbead neck pillow, got an extra discount since the snap portion was missing. No biggie for me as the snap wasn't important! I think I paid $5.99.

DIY Tablet Stand cheap, easy and fabulous before modifications
Before a few easy modifications

DIY Tablet Stand cheap, easy and fabulous
simple hand sewing in process along the bottom of the pillow
DIY Tablet Stand cheap, easy and fabulous
What the top looks like after a simple hand sewing of the sides together. One "arm" in first, then the other.

DIY Tablet Stand - cheap, easy and fabulous
sewn up, bottom view.
DIY Tablet Stand cheap, easy and fabulous
perfectly smooshable in portrait mode

DIY Tablet Stand cheap, easy and fabulous
and perfectly smooshy and adjustable in landscape, too. btw, i have a Samsung 8" tablet pro. love it!
And it works fab for my Kindle, too.

Blessings and Paint On! ~Joanie


nettiejdear said…
Clever - but will it possible get too hot resting there??
joanieART said…
Good thing to consider, Nettie. My particular tablet runs cool, and my Kindle generates no heat at all. But hearken all others reading this, pay attention to heat with your device.
jack said…
i likre it